The Shrimp Tour

$65 USD/person
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The Shrimp Tour

Become a shrimp expert!!! Visit the float of shrimp boats, laboratory and estuaries to see theentire process of raising and capturing the three types of shrimp, then return to Mazatlan toenjoy a shrimp platter in a restaurant located right on the beach.

Come and enjoy one of Mazatlán’s greatest treasures…their shrimp. Mazatlán is known as theshrimp capital with three sources of shrimp; the Pacific Ocean, shrimp farms & local estuaries(bodies of water with a mixture of salt water and fresh water). Join us to enjoy and learn moreabout this important activity in Mazatlán which supports thousands of families in the area.

Starting with an interesting ride along the industrial park to see the largest float of shrimp boatsin the world, then we head about 35 minutes south of Mazatlán just past the town of Villa Unionwhere you will see the estuaries, shrimp farms and laboratories where you will learn andexperience the process of production and the capture of shrimp, then we will return to Mazatlánto finally enjoy the best part of this experience, to eat the shrimp in a beach front seafoodrestaurant. Where they will prepare the shrimp in a variety of styles for you to choose from whilethe sound of the ocean sets the mood of this delicious learning experience!!!

6 hours
$65 USD/person
Shrimp lunch, bottled water & soft drinks


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